Gabriela Figueroa

Gaby Figueroa is arguably the queen of coffee in Nicaragua. She is incredibly humble, extremely knowledgeable and always smiling. Gaby is a Director of Asociación de Cafés Especiales de Nicaragua "ACEN”. She uses her platform to raise other young women and empower many young coffee professionals across the country. Gaby and her husband Henry Hueck are co-owners and the operators of RAMACAFE. At finca La Virgen in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, RAMACAFE provides for, houses and feeds over 700 people throughout the year. They built 3 schools where many children in the community are educated, while their parents work on the farm. Once the children are finished their education, they have an opportunity to work on the patio and can move up into the cupping lab. RAMACAFE has also built a clinic in their community with weekly, regular check ups. All of these efforts Gaby puts into helping the community, translates into the cost of her cup. Her costs of production are high, so her coffee is more expensive.

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