What We Do

Traceable and transparent Nicaraguan direct trade specialty coffee. La Finca Distribution Corp. is an import/export company based in North Vancouver, Canada that is creating an impact at coffee origin, by giving small farmers the resources to showcase their best cup, outside of their crowded, industry driven domestic market. With a team of professionals(including Q-graders) on the ground in Nicaragua, we can source any cup profile for you based on your specifics(varietal/process/points/flavor profile etc.) and we can send you a full detailed report on the coffees you are seeking for the upcoming harvest.

Our platforms are a spaces to learn and share knowledge about every job within the supply chain. Many jobs tend to get forgotten; the pickers, patieros and cuppers, without great attention to detail within these jobs, we cannot achieve high quality specialty coffee. Empowering the youth within the industry is a major catalyst in moving the coffee culture forward. Right now there are many crises in Nicaragua, there is a picker's crisis, a funding crisis and of course the market crisis. The market price is lower than the costs of production and many young coffee producers and children of producers are getting discouraged about the sustainability within their industry; some have shifted their attention to higher paying jobs within the city. Empowering them within their community by shining light and acknowledging their hard work, we hope to ignite a flame that will last for generations of family legacy.    


Mission: Influence a change in the development of importing and exporting coffee from small producers at origin, by providing the logistical tools to facilitate coffee producers and coffee roasters in bridging and building direct relationships.


Vision: To be a leading company at a regional level and increase market share nationally and internationally in the coffee trading industry, consolidating us as a recognized and prestigious company globally; at the same time be a source of employment and boost the small producer and thus contribute to the development of the origin country.



Transparency and Traceability
Honesty, Trust, Integrity and Accountability

Quality and Sustainability

Commitment to customers, teamwork, consistency and confidence in quality. Economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Continuous Learning and Education

Constant improvement and innovation, creating passionate leaders and encouraging ownership.


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