Rene Paguaga

Rene Paguaga’s father Don Rene fell in love with coffee as a teenager working on his father’s farm in the 1930’s. He later took it upon himself to start his own farm and so the legend of Don Rene began. Don Rene was well recognized as an elite producer in the country, owning multiple farms and the first processing mill in Nueva Segovia, but turmoil within the country forced Don Rene to move his family to Honduras in search for a safer place live and raise his children. At this time, Don Rene’s farms were taken from him by the radical government and were never recovered. While in Honduras, the family continued to produce coffee and once things settled in Nicaragua, the family moved back to continue what they had already started, but once again from the bottom. As time has passed, Don Rene’s children Rene Jr. and Rina have taken the initiative to continue their father’s legacy by managing the entire coffee operation from seed to cup. The Paguaga family is still considered one of the most prestigious coffee farming families in the country.
Rene Paguaga produces coffee across his 5 farms: Los Congos, Las Brumas, Hacienda La Iguana, La Portuguesa and La Espanola in the department of Nueva Segovia and processes them all at his mill Beneficio Santa Lucila. The Paguagua family produces exceptional quality coffees that are well recognized around the world and have earned multiple top ten placings at the Cup of Excellence, including the presidential award in 2010 and 2nd place in 2011. Rene Paguagua has separated himself from the pack when it comes to specialty processing coffee cascara in Nicaragua. His extensive research and trial and error have led him to reach new heights in the industry and is considered a pioneer in this space.
Coffee Cherry Cascara Tea • Rene Paguaga
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Coffee Cherry Cascara Tea • Rene Paguaga

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