Luis Rubio

Luis Fernando Rubio is a young and innovative coffee producer who invested in himself and vertically integrated the value chain of his coffee on his finca El Jardin. Luis has spent many hours doing research and development along with practical trial and error to conceptualize and optimize unique coffee processes with distinct and exceptional flavor profiles. Luis’s efforts to provide quality specialty coffee have create a tremendous amount of momentum, we’re excited to share his new lots with our buyers in North America.
Finca El Jardin spans between 1250m-1350m above sea level in the mountains of Dipilto in Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. The farm has 4 manzanas(6.96 acres) of productive land and primarily produces: Red Caturra, Red Catuai and Yellow Catuai. The unique post-harvest processing methods combined with the nutrient rich soil on the farm, synergistically create outstanding coffees with intense flavor.
CM Natural Red Caturra • Luis Rubio
La Finca Distribution Corp.

CM Natural Red Caturra • Luis Rubio

$1,102 CAD