Luis Almendarez

Don Luis Manuel Almendarez and Doña Olga Rodriguez are the owners of finca La Guadalupana in El Horno, Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. Doña Olga's family has been cultivating coffee for many generations. Inspired by his wife's family, Don Luis moved to the United States for 5 years, where he worked and saved enough money to buy and finance his coffee operations on La Guadalupana. The Almendarez-Rodriguez family is incredibly wholesome and loveable. Don Luis handles all of his post-harvest processing on 15 mazanas of farm land. He cultivates Red Catuai, Maragogipe and Java. The Red Catuai won 1st place at the Cup of Excellence '11 under the previous farm owners and the seeds for his Java plants were retrieved as a gift, from a friend on the island of Java. It's the same plant, but in a different terroir. Don Luis's highly anticipated Java had it's first yield this year and it produced an amazing quality cup.

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