Gonzalo Castillo

Don Gonzalo Castillo's finca Las Promesas de San Blas is in the beautiful municipality of La Tablazon, Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. The finca is 20 manzanas of coffee consisting of H3, H17 and Centroamericano or the H1 hybrid. His H1 can be mistaken for an African coffee. It won 2nd place at the Cup of Excellence '17 and '18, scoring over 90 points earning himself the Presidential Award both years. Don Gonzalo is the co-founder of the National Coffee School of Nicaragua and was the General Manager of Atlantic Exportadora in Ocotal, Nueva Segovia. Don Gonzalo's farm is a model for optimal water mangement; he holds field trips to show other producers how simple and inexpensive it is to build a honey water filtration system. Don Gonzalo has dedicated himself to sharing his knowledge and lending a helping hand to other small coffee producers. He is respected like the Godfather in this community.and is one of our closest friends in the industry. We're so happy to be bringing in his coffee again this year.