Wet Mill and Washed Process


After coffee cherries have been picked and accounted for, they are sent to the wet mill to begin processing. The wet mill is sort of like alchemy, a place where you can take different metals and turn them into silver and gold. It’s a place where you can tailor your coffee to bring out different, unique flavors on a consistent basis by tracking and analysis. For the washed process, coffee cherries are first placed in a receptacle to float. This sorts the coffee beans quality by its density. After floating and removing less dense beans, the coffee is depulped to remove the cherry from the bean. Once depulped, it is placed in a fermentation tank to rest until the mucilage around the bean is soft enough to be washed off. One the desired fermentation time is complete, coffee beans are then washed clean and then sent to the dry mill for further processing and the wet mill is washed down to maintain cleanliness to prevent the spread of harmful bacterias. Washed process coffees are traditionally known for their clean acidity and balanced sweetness.


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