Want a Direct Trade Relationship with a Producer in Nicaragua?

Are you a roaster looking to connect with a producer in Nicaragua? We can guide you throughout the whole process from accomodation, meals and farm visits to cupping your favourite varietals. Our mission is to improve transparency throughout the supply chain and increase the traceability of coffee within Nicaragua, by creating an open channel where roasters can deal directly with coffee producers.

So you're probably thinking, what's the catch? Where are they making money off of this? The truth is.. We're not! We'll take progress over profit any day. La Finca Distribution is building a platform to help small producers create brand awareness and global recognition, which enables us to push the caficultura forward.

To be honest, many specialty coffee farmers who put so much care into their craft, would rather the fruits of their labour go to someone who they know and can trust. Of course money talks, but you'll find that love conquers all aspects of life in the coffee producing regions of Nicaragua. It's a shame when a producer has to sell a whole year's work at a discount to ensure their production costs are covered; it's even worse when the buyer butchers the quality by blending it with other lots to make a greater margin. By building a long-term relationship with your producer, you can create future contracts enabling them to have more access to funding for reinvesting in infrastructure and quality control within their operation.


Contact us if you're interested in reaching new opportunities in Nicaragua.