On April 19th of 2018, the government of Nicaragua issued a statement addressing the Social Security(think pension) funding had almost ran out. The solution: increasing payroll taxes and cutting retirement benefits to recuperate the losses. In reality, the President pocketed the money and invested it into many of his businesses. The people of Nicaragua took it to the streets, marching and protesting peacefully, until the President requested the police to arrest all those who were protesting and charge them with terrorism. Things got very ugly and police opened fire on many civilians. The death count one year later is over 500 people and there have been over 800 arrests. It is still ilegal to bare the country's flag in public, because it is seen as act of protesting.

-Excerpt from: Roaster's Edition Vol. 1, page 4


Update: August 8th, 2019

As time passes, people around the world are seeming to forget there
is an on going problem and the country needs help. Nothing has
changed, Nicaraguans are still being oppressed by their government.
The President has ordered for the protesters who were imprisoned to
be released, though the police haven't given the victims peace. Some
are still being followed and harassed, while others returned back to
their houses to find their spouses beaten up by the police, followed by
them never being allowed to enter their house again. We need to raise
awareness about what's happening in Nicaragua.”


Written by: Ryan Sull, La Finca Distribution Corp.