Producer Spotlight: Don Juan Ramón Diaz Suarez

Don Juan Ramón Diaz Suarez’s farm La Dueña is located 1370m above sea level in the municipality of Ojo de Agua in Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. He and his wife Jenny Bustamante Moncada have been operating their farm for almost 25 years. The farm has an extension of 75 manzanas with 43 cultivated, producing 35 quintals(100lbs) per manzana. They cultivate many varieties on their farm including: red and yellow Caturra, Catuai, Catimor, Centroamericano, Pacamara and Maracatu. In 2014 Don Ramón won the Cup of Excellence scoring a 90.37 with his Pacamara, a cross between the Pacas varietal and Maragogipe, earning himself the Presidential award. Don Ramón is one of the few small producers with his own processing mill. This allows him vertically integrate while maintaining excellent quality. Having the mill close by reduces many risks including over fermentation. He credits his success to proper handling of the plants, excellent processing methods and most of all he does everything with a lot of love.


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