Producer Spotlight: Don Gonzalo Castillo Moreno

Don Gonzalo Castillo Moreno's farm Las Promesas de San Blas is located 1200m-1300m above sea level in La Tablazon, Dipilto in the mountainous region of Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. His Centroamericano or H1 F1 Hybrid coffee scored an impressive 90.45 out of 100 in the 2018 Cup of Excellence in Nicaragua. With coffees 80+ being considered specialty, a 90+ coffee is rare and incredibly valuable. It's a sign of high quality coffee plants and excellent production and processing practices.

To confirm that this is definitely Centroamericano, World Coffee Research conducted DNA tests of the green coffee samples. It verified that this is indeed the new hybrid variety-something it is calling "a major milestone in validating [Centroamericano's] quality potential."

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