De La Finca Specialty Coffee Shop

Heberto Rivas and Mayerling Gurdian, owners of De La Finca Specialty Coffee Shop are a unique couple that is moving the coffee culture in Nicaragua. In 1892, Heberto's greatgrandfather planted the first coffee plants on their family farm and has been passed on for generations.In April of 2013, they began packaging and selling their own roasted coffee, they started with 30 pounds. In April of 2016 they opened De La Finca Specialty Coffee Shop. It started off as a coffee to go joint and quickly evloved into an influencial vertically integrated coffee shop. De La Finca Specialty Coffee Shop is the first of its kind in Nicaragua. A place where you can go and get a unique coffee with a fully trained barista, who will educate you about the coffee you've chosen and the extraction process. Heberto and Mayerling train their staff on all aspects of coffee; things like analyzing roast profiles and tasting every coffee with every extraction, to understand the difference in cup quality. De La Finca Specialty Coffee Shop is moving la caficultura forward. They're empowering and training baristas to educate and raise the general awareness of specialty coffee in Nicaragua and are on the constant pursuit for higher learning, so they can pass that knowledge on to the end consumer. According to Heberto, a coffee shop is a place where a community can come together and be inspired to create ideas.